This palette might be slightly old news but I still absolutely adore it. I actually had reminders for this palette so i could buy it. It was on my wish list! So, was it worth all of that? YES, a thousand times yes!

I’ve created multiple looks with this palette and it will probably feature on my blogs and Instagram a lot. Also, I absolutely adore Sabrina. It’s one of the only shows my mum and I watch together because we both enjoy it too much. We finished the current season of Sabrina in three days. So, when I heard that NYX was creating a Sabrina palette I needed to get my hand on that!


The eyeshadows I absolutely adore from this palette are; Cunning, Ambrose, Exorcism, Werewolf, Devil’s Work, Hell on Earth and Dark Baptism. It’s no surprise that I love any eyeshadow with sparkle, but Hell on Earth is just such a pretty bright red matte that I want to use as much as possible.


The highlighter in this palette is not the right colour for me, it’s a bit too dark. I tried it once. I didn’t like how it looked on my face in real life. It looked great on camera though, so maybe I’ll use it for cool Sabrina themed instagram photos. You can see what I mean about the highlighter in the picture below. I look like Rudolph the orange nose reindeer.


The two blushes are cute and I like how they’re named after Sabrina’s two love interests; Harvey and Nick Scratch. They’r great names for blushes since usually when someone is crushing they’re depicted as blushing.

Is This Palette Beginner Friendly?

Now, I’ve been applying makeup for two years now but I have always kept eyeshadow to a minimum as honestly it sorta scared me, I know it’s silly, but it did. I would collect palette’s even if I would only ever use one or two colours but, due to the lockdown I decided I would start to play around and have some fun to keep myself sane. It’s also the reason my instagram is currently filled with makeup selfies. But, a lot of makeup content on youtube and instagram is focused on if makeup is good, rather than if the makeup is suitable for beginners. Are the shades problematic, do the shades cause staining?

Well, the palette does have pressed pigments, but unlike some palette’s these are clearly marked on the back of the palette and the shades which might stain are listed. I personally have never had an issue with staining if I use an eye primer. I recommend the ABH Eye Primer but it is really expensive in my opinion so a great drugstore alternative is the NYX Proof it Eyeshadow Primer. So, the eyeshadow palette in that respect is beginner friendly as you won’t end up with red eyes the next day. Also the shades easily blend and you get a huge amount of payoff for a couple of dabs into the pan, which again, I’ve noticed is a big must when just starting with eyeshadow.

So, to finish this review I would say this palette is beginner friendly and an absolutely great palette if you’re a fan of Sabrina like I am. This Palette was a limited edition BUT if you want any of the lipsticks that came with this set those are still available on BOOTS.CO.UK.