My Everyday Makeup Routine: Blog Edition

So, I published my FIRST youtube video and it was about my everyday makeup routine and as a continuation of that I’ve decided to post a blog post to offer some more information and advice to beginners of makeup who might be wondering how exactly to pick a makeup routine and what is needed.


I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Eye Primer to prep my eyes for eyeshadow. If you’re new to eyeshadow it’s best to do eyeshadow first so you can clean up any fall out and not ruin your foundation/concealer. In my everyday makeup i generally stick to a neutral palette and lots of glitter, I absolutely adore Glitter Eyeshadow especially on the bottom of my lids so it shines even when my eyes are open.


With my face I ALWAYS prime with my Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. It’s my absolute favourite thing to use. I think it just makes my makeup look so much better; it has an AMAZING smell and it feels excellent on my skin. After that, I use a full coverage foundation. Either, my Bobbi Brown, NYX or Estee Lauder Double Wear if I want to go really full coverage. I always apply my makeup on a wet beauty sponge as I think this is just the best way to apply makeup. I’m not a huge fan of foundation brushes and how my makeup looks when I’m using a brush. I think a brush is something which is hard for beginners to do justice.

Now with concealer I try and make sure that i use it to highlight my chin, my cupids bow and my nose. I generally don’t apply concealer under my eyes as my eyes are where the dry skin lives. Also, I use concealer to conceal any spots or blemishes I might have, my tool of choice to apply concealer is once again the beloved beauty sponge.


Now for lips I either go for a nude lipstick or a bright red. There is no in between with me. On the video I used one of my Jeffree Star Nude’s called Nathan which I absolutely adore. My favourite red lipstick is Unicorn Blood from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Jeffree’s lipsticks are absolutely perfect for me and don’t dry on my lips which is a problem with a lot of liquid lipsticks have. I also don’t overdraw my lips as this causes a lot of problems as if your lipstick is sheer, you will see your skin through it as the outside of your lips will not be the same colour as the rest. Overdrawing lips isn’t as easy as the beauty gurus make it look!


I didn’t really go into this in my video but I have a skincare routine. I use an exfoliator three times a week (The Body Shop: Drop of Youth Liquid Peel) and then a Body Shop Face Cream as well. Exfoliating too much can be hard for your skin. I pick three days a week so I can get rid of that dead skin from my face without damaging it, this process will REALLY help your makeup routine and make your skin look great. I got a bunch of compliments when I started to use the Liquid Peel.

So, that’s my blog post expanding on my everyday makeup routine! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven’t checked out my Youtube channel it’s BrevityWrit!


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