So, after binge-watching some Safiya Nygaard bad makeup science videos I decided I wanted to do some bad makeup science as well. While, I don’t have the money to buy every concealer in Superdrug, or Boots or Debenhams, I did get a wide selection of DRUGSTORE concealers to mix together. Some are from SUPERDRUG and others are from BEAUTYBAY.COM. While like Safiya I’m a lipstick and lipgloss hoarder, concealer is something I’ve always had trouble finding and now i own 10+. 


I have a love/hate relationship with concealer. I love what it’s meant to do, but it always ends up looking god awful under my eyes, so maybe mixing a bunch of concealers together will help me find the dream concealer.

  1. I <3 Revolution Heart Breakers – Buttermilk
  2. Revolution Conceal and Define Infinite – C2.5
  3. Revolution Pro Full Coverage Camouflage – C2
  4. E.L.F Hydrating Camo Concealer Satin Finish – Light Ivory
  5. Revolution Pro Ultimate Coverage Crease Proof Concealer – C2
  6. Misslyn Concealer – 14
  7. Pro.Conceal HD High-Definition – Fairest
  8. NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Contour Concealer – Fair
  9. Wet n Wild Photo Focus – Light Ivory

I decided that after mixing all my concealers together I would wear them for a whole day, but this actually took a long time to write and make and thus, lockdown happened. So, I wore the custom concealer in all of my Instagram makeup looks for a week (30th March to 5th April 2020).

My first impressions were I enjoyed the thickness of it and the colour. A couple of the concealers were too dark, and some were too light so they all seemed to mend together to make the perfect consistency for me. However, there were some problems and I’ll get into these right now!


If you like to do proper full coverage makeup like NikkiTutorials and like to apply lots of concealer under your eyes the concealers mixed just really creased badly under my eyes, this wasn’t a problem around other areas but under my eyes I couldn’t use this concealer thickly. I also had trouble when applying the concealer with a brush, but with a sponge it was fine. Another problem would be the price, as adding all the concealers together cost the same as a high end concealer. However, if you only use like 1/3 concealers this would be a cheaper way to get a dream concealer.

YIKES at the creasing but look at the eyeshadow!

Now, the benefits of this concealer is if you research the concealers you can make yourself a PERFECT concealer for you. I simply used new concealers that I had seen along with concealers I had been recommended. On the other hand, if you really pick your concealers you could make a perfect concealer. It’s also just really fun to mix makeup. Safiya was right. Bad makeup science is extremely fun.


Playing with makeup is meant to be fun and making a customised concealer with a bunch of different makeup products was certainly fun and the concealer worked great on my nose, cupid bow, chin and any sculpting, but under the eyes it was not as effective, and really badly creased under my eyes when applied with a brush as you can see in the pics. Overall, It was fun and I’m now a lover of bad makeup science.